sampleSANADA KIKAI Co., LTD is working to import and sales Switzerland-made ESCOMATIC machine since 1970. We are only an expert in the field in Japan.
We got high trust from customers in various fields up to date, including ABS parts for automotive, parts for timepiece, HDD, medical institution, camera, motor, mobile phone, etc.,
It's possible to meet the wide wishes about small diameter cutting parts, highly precise parts, cutting resistant materials, various surface treatment etc.,
Also, we secure a route supplying materials from the foreign countries to reduce cost.
Making effort to meet more higher wishes by customers from supplying materials to manufacturing product in future.

Business item

  1. Machine tool distribution(ESCOMATIC、Various NC machine(TSUGAMI, CITIZEN, STAR MICRONICS, etc.,))
  2. Full support for ESCOMATIC machine(Various parts, Remodeling, Bite, Cam)
  3. Sale of the foreign-made stainless steel
  4. Work in the clean room (Assembling mass spectrometer etc.,)