Company Information

Establishment 1975 9.14
Capital fund 60 million yen
Business contents
  1. Importing and selling various cutting machine,  precision measuring apparatus.
  2. Selling parts for cutting machine.
  3. Development and selling for the medical equipment.
  4. Designing and production for high voltage control equipment.
  5. Development and manufacturing for small gas mass spectrometer
    All duties associated with each.
  6. Sale of the foreign-made stainless steel
Business activity

Imported machine    Imported machine  ESCO(Swiss) Automatic lathe for coil material

Domestic machine    NC lathe
                                 Fully-automatic check machine 
                                 Exclusive machine, machining center
                                 Press machine, EDM, related facility

Representative President and representative director      AKIHISA TSUNODA

3-28-1, Yaguchi, Ota-ku, Urbantech Yaguchi
146-0093 Tokyo, JAPAN

Phone +81-3-5482-1711
Fax +81-3-5482-1713
Main bank
  • Sumitomo mitsui banking co., ltd. KAMATA branch
  • The bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. KAMATA branch
  • The Awa Bank, Ltd. KAMATA branch


Group company ESTEC SERVICE Co., LTD.


Equipment List

Equipment Name Number of Units
Automatic Lathes 27
NC Automatic Lathes  13
General Purpose Lathes 4
Milling Machine 1
 Magnetic Polishing Devices 4
Centrifugal Barrel 1
Tool Cutting Machines 5
Profile Grinders 3
Clean Room (Class 10000) 1 Room
Projector 7
In-line Measurement Projector 1
Automatic full length inspection Machine 2
Automatic Measurement Projector 2
3D CAD 1