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Characteristics of Swiss-made ESCOMATIC machine automatic lathe

Escomatic lathes have a unique concept in manufacturing process and different from the conventional lathes. The materials like coil stock and bar does not rotate instead the cutting tools mounted onto the spinning tool head rotate around the material.

  1. Possible to consider cost reduction by using cheaper coil material rather than bar material. Also a useless consumption of end of material does not occur.
  2. No excess remains on the product, since it is cut off while being added with both chucks.
  3. The product and chips are completely separated after cutting.
  4. Can process irregular coil materials other than round bars.
  5. Ideal for mass production and can switch in a short period of time even for mass production of a wide variety of products.
  6. One worker can operate and control several machines and an unmanned operation is also possible.
  7. Escomatic has less noise compare to other and it can install and assemble even in a small area.
The Coil material is automatically straightened before cutting because an automatic wire drawing system is built into this machine。

From the above-mentioned features, this machine is a completely new type of automatic lathe machine. During manufacturing if the material is applied as a coil, only the end products are collected in the specific place like a transfer machine. Moreover, no post-cutting process is required as it is a literal “Automatic Lathe” with high accuracy and can significantly reduce material costs and labor hours.

  • escomatic-D2

    Escomatic D2 Type

  • escomatic-D5

    Escomatic D5 Type

  • Escomatic D6S Type

    Escomatic D6S Type

  • escomatic-D6SR

    Escomatic D6SR Type

Parts of Escomatic Machine

  • D2 Type Tool Head

    D2 Type Tool Head

  • D2 Type Tool head parts

    D2 Type Tool head parts

  • D2 Type Counter Collet

    D2 Type Counter Collet

  • D2 Type Cam

    D2 Type Cam

  • D6 Type BiteD6 Type Bite

    D6 Type Bite