Auto streaker

  • オートストリーカー
  • A system for microbiological testing that quantitatively smears a liquid sample on an agar plate in a fully automatic way.
    This is a computer-controlled microbiological tests that can perform systematically. Using a unique target smear method; the conventional manual smearing that works for a long period of time has been automated.

  • A stacker can accommodate 8 types of media, and up to 8 sheets can be continuously smeared.
  • The medium in which the bacteria have been transplanted can be classified and store in four types for each incubator.
  • Since the sample number is automatically numbered on each medium, a consistent test results can be obtained without individual differences.
  • With PC control, programs can be created with simple key and mouse operations. The created programs can be saved on the hard disk for easy data management.
  • In addition, the Auto Streaker uses a unique smearing method, which can be freely reproduced by smearing state programming according to the user’s needs.

F Streaker

  • Fストリーカー
  • Automatic smearing device for ProCoat
    Simply set the ProCoat on the sample rack, then smear the sample on the agar plate, next store it in the original rack, and systematically perform microbiological tests under computer control.