Company Information

Company name真田機械株式会社
EstablishedSeptember 14, 1970
Capital60million Yen
Major Products and Services1. Import Machine equipment and sales
2. Car Parts mass production
3. Develop machine
4. Overhaul and repair machine
5. Maintenance service for ESCOMATIC lathe
6. Lathe tool production
Number of employees21
RepresentativePresident Akihisa TSUNODA
Address3-28-1 Tokyu urban tech Yaguchi Ota City Tokyo, Japan 146-0093
TEL 03-5482-1711
Related companyESTEC Service Co., LTD
Branch factoryYokohama factory

Business Activities

Products and Services:

1. Selling of machines - Sanada Kikai Co., Ltd. sells and distributes various machines such as:

Imported Machine  - Imported machine ESCO(Swiss) Automatic lathe for coil material.

Domestic Machine 

- NC lathe

- Fully automatic-check machine

- Exclusive machine, machining center

- Press machine, EDM, related facility

Machine tool distribution

- Escomatic, Various NC machines like Tsugami, Citizen, and Star Micronics.

2. Providing services

Full support for Escomatic Machine

- Various parts, Remodeling, Bite, and Cam - Assembling mass spectrometer