Sanada has various types of machines like the Escomatic, CNC, and Profile. Those machines give the company the ability to have high efficiency and productivity so that we can meet and provide the customer’s request for small diameter metal parts.

Benefits of Escomatic machine

- Low manpower needs

- Machines can last up to 24 hours of production

- Lowest maintenance cost

- Suitable for mass production

- Upon cutting, product and chips are completely segregated and separated

- Automatic lathe for coil material.

Escomatic D6 S type
CNC – water soluble 
Escomatic NC D6 type
Escomatic D6 SR type
Escomatic D6 SR type with Wire Drawing roller 
Escomatic D2 type


Equipment NameNumber of Units
Automatic lathes27
NC Automatic lathes13
General Purpose Lathes4
Milling Machine1
Magnetic Polishing Devices4
Centrifugal Barrel1
Tool Cutting Machines5
Profile Grinders3
Clean Room (Class 10000)1Room
In-line Measurement Projector1
Automatic full length inspection Machine2
Automatic Measurement Projector2